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Why book a Caribbean Yacht Charter Vacation with us?

abstract-colorful-effect-background-021514-tm-661. Save by getting the smartest rate available online! Only Discount Yacht Charters LLC offers you a special rebate of upto 5% on your Caribbean yacht charters vacation to maximize your vacation value. If you find a special rate and we book the yacht at that rate we will also give you upto 5% rebate after confirmed booking. Find specials for Caribbean honeymoons and clothing optional vacations. We will look for the best rate on any given yacht, and pass the special on to you at no extra charge. That’s right our services are free to you. You may also choose to put that 5% rebate toward the 3.5% credit card convenience fee and we will then send you the balance of the rebate.

2. Rely on upto date information about your yacht charter! Because we also sail in the Virgin Islands, we see the charter yachts not only at boat shows where they look their best, but while they are sailing in the Caribbean waters in their everyday cruising life.

3. Enhance your experience by getting detailed information about your cruising area. All our team members are licensed captains and avid sailors. We sailed all over the world including the Mediterranean France, Spain, Italy, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Africa, Corsica, Sardinia and every island in the Caribbean. Try something new and off the beaten track, visit the unspoiled Spanish Virgin Islands and sail one way from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico or charter a bare boat. Cruise the turquoise water of the “American Caribbean” – the US Virgin Islands, discover “Nature’s little secret” – the British Virgin Islands, sail the Leeward and Windward Islands or explore St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Sail the  more then 2000 Greek Islands or Turkey, one of the perfect summer yachting destinations in Europe. New and exciting: Sailing adventures in Panama and the Islands of Las Perlas.

4. Get the widest selection of  available crewed or bare boat charters yachts. We research the smaller local bare boat yacht charter companies in the BVI and the US Virgin Islands to find the yacht the fits your needs and budget. We will also give you upto a 5% rebate after a confirmed booking.

5. Take advantage of our access of more then 2000 yachts, from an affordable Caribbean sailing vacation on a 40ft mono hull for one or two couples, to a roomy and stable catamaran charters for your family and all your friends or a crewed motor yacht charter. We will work hard to find the right yacht for you. We are in the yacht charter business for more then 20 years, so your most valuable time of the year will be in our good hands.

How do I book a trip?

Firstly, browse the many possible charter destinations and itinerary options. Once you have that narrowed down (ask us if in doubt), browse the yacht selections available in that area (the list online may not be complete, but it will give you an idea), and then consult with one of our brokers for availability and expert advise. If you fill out our Info Request Form it helps us considerably, to find you the best charter option for your desires.

Also keep in mind that many yachts are often booked many months in advance. As such, if you are interested in a particular yacht and have an idea of when you want to charter, you should contact us early in the decision making process so we can check on yacht availability and let you know about any special deals.

Once you have found your dream yacht vacation, we will place a hold. See details of the booking process below:

Booking Procedures:

1. Choose a destination ~ type and size (just a few of the choices) of Yacht Charters.

2. Check Availability ~ Once you’ve chosen or narrowed it down we will confirm availability for your desired dates of travel.

3. Working Hold ~ If the dates work for you and the yacht, we will put a working hold in the calendar for preferred dates. You then have two weeks (for crewed yachts and as little as 48 hours for bare boats) in which to send your deposit to officially reserve (confirm) the charter. However, another charter party can challenge you (on crewed charters) for these dates, which would give you only 48 hours to secure your reservation with a deposit or lose the first option on those dates.

4. Deposit & Rebate ~ If you make your selection more than six months in advance, we will need a 25% deposit, with another 25% due at the six month mark. If you book within six months of the charter start, we will need 50% of the charter fee to confirm your reservation. If you are booking within 90 days of your charter departure, the full payment is required. We generally accept credit cards (Visa, MC) with a convenience fee of 3.5%, bank transfer or certified check. REBATE: Once your charter is confirmed with the 50% booking deposit we will send you a rebate check of 5% of the charter rate. You may use your rebate to cover the credit card convenience fee.

5. Charter Agreement and Preferences Form ~ We will email you the appropriate Yacht Charter Agreement to sign and Preferences Form to fill in for crewed charters. For a bare boat rental we will email you the required resume form and other charter documents. Send or fax those back to us as soon as possible.

6. Completed Charter Agreement ~ The charter documents are forwarded to the yacht captain or bare boat company.

7. Charter Confirmation & Rebate ~ When your deposit clears the bank you will receive a Confirmation number by e-mail. At this time your charter is officially reserved and we will then send you your rebate by mail.

8. Final Payment ~ Most crewed and bare boat yachts require final payment to be made 60 days prior to charter yacht start date by any of the methods described above.

9. Charter Contact ~ Prior to your vacation, the crew of your chosen yacht will contact you to discuss your meal and activities preferences, and itinerary. If you are renting a bare boat we will supply you with the bare boat company contact information for any last minute arrangements.

10. Sail Away ~ You are all set to meet your yacht and sail away into the sunset! Have fun!

When you book your yacht, you may want to make flight arrangements, and hotel reservations if you intend to arrive early or stay after your charter. We have put together some travelers Information under certain destinations.

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