Travel to any of the hundreds of tropical isles some call paradise on a Yacht charter in the Bahamas.


As befits heaven-on-earth, there is much to enjoy, see and do. Beaches, boats, banks and bikinis are Caribbean vacation essentials. But the No 1 playground for the Americas also comprises movie-set beauty, coconut-tree-clad mountains, verdant valleys of sugar cane and bananas, and seashore galore. Caribbean cities glow with glorious architecture in communities established long before the automobile.

For many tourists who visit The Islands of the Bahamas it means Nassau and Freeport, these are certainly very exciting destinations, but there is much more to discover in the Islands of the Bahamas. There are about 698 more islands and cays! These other islands are called the ‘Family Islands’.
Visitors who are searching for unspoiled beauty and quiet will find it in the Family Islands. These islands offer miles and miles of unexplored beaches, caves and cays which allow for the best scuba diving, fishing and sailing. The people of the Family Islands are well-known for their warmth and friendliness. Tourists are treated like family.

Visitors may start their vacations in Nassau or Freeport for never-ending nightlife and excitement. Then on to the one of the Family Islands for peace, rest and relaxation.


The Islands of the Bahamas- General Information

Visitors to the Bahamas soon discover that instead of arriving at one destination, they’ve stumbled upon many! Just 50 miles off the Florida coast, the islands of the Bahamas are as diverse as they are lovely. The bustling marketplaces, marinas, and hotels of Freeport and Nassau seem worlds away from the pine forests and mangrove swamps of the Lucayan National Park. The more cosmopolitan islands provide traditional tourist fare, but others offer secluded beaches, tiny palm-lined villages, and stalagmite-filled caves. Stretching from Grand Bahama and Abaco at the north to Great Inagua at the south are 23 inhabited islands and hundreds of uninhabited islands and cays (pronounced “keys”). With six distinct ecosystems and many different adventures to be had, the islands of the Bahamas offer visitors a paradise of possibilities.

The Bahamas have earned a worldwide reputation for sailing, due to the calm waters surrounding the islands and the cool trade winds and balmy breezes. Regattas and other races are held year-round on many of the islands, drawing champions from around the globe to test the fleetness of their vessels. Because the islands are the birthplace of the Gulf Stream, the crystal clear waters are home to an amazing abundance and variety of marine life. Over 50 international fishing records have been set in these waters, and the greatest game fish in the world lure sport fishermen in search of “the big one.” Legendary fisherman Ernest Hemingway wrote many stories about his angling adventures in Bimini, his home for many years.

With more than 5% of the earth’s reefs, the waters around the islands are a dream come true for divers and snorkelers. Vast underwater parks provide endless challenges to undersea explorers. Thousands of miles of shoreline are home to some of the world’s most beautiful and pristine beaches, from the sparkling sands of Eleuthera to the lonely strands of Cat Island. Further inland are national parks and tropical gardens giving visitors glimpses of rare and endangered plants and animals. Miles of walking trails, both guided and unguided, allow you to explore the Bahamas on foot.

Although each island has its own unique personality, the people of the Bahamas are delightfully consistent in their warmth and charm. The Ministry of Tourism, with their People-to-People program, gives visitors the chance to experience Bahamian hospitality and culture in a genuine and informal setting. Native volunteers are paired with visitors with similar interests to offer them a taste of day-to-day island life. Bahamians are friendly and open people, happy to share with you their fascinating history and interesting folklore. Stories of the infamous pirate Blackbeard, the blue holes of Andros, and the freed slave for whom Junkanoo is named will give you an up close and personal insight into the rich culture of our islands. We sincerely hope that the information you read here will make you want to leave your keyboard behind and come visit the Bahamas in person!

Climate: The Bahamas Islands temperatures rarely drop below 60 degrees F, or rise above 90 degrees F. Most of the rain fall occurs in the summer months. The sea temperature ranges from the low 80’s in the summer to about 74 degrees F in the winter.

People: The largest Bahamian population is on New Providence Island, site of Nassau, the capital.

Government: The Bahamas gained independence in 1973 and became part of the Commonwealth of Nations. The British Monarch is the sovereign and appoints the Governor General. The Bahamas has a two-house Parliament, a ministerial Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister and an independent judiciary.
Geography: Located in the lower left-hand corner of the Atlantic Ocean is an area approx. 70,000 square miles comprised of shoals and banks, where the waters are crystal clear and warm.
These are called the ‘Bahama Banks’. Located there are approx. 700 islands with inviting beaches.


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