Caribbean Destinations

The Caribbean Sea, including the US Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands is one of the best cruising grounds in the world for great Caribbean sail boat charters on a crewed charter yachts or a bareboat yacht charter. Let us help you to create your own cruising adventure sailing in the Caribbean Islands.

Lose yourself in the ambiance of turquoise waters and palm fringed beaches, relax in one of the many magical places you can venture to, on a Caribbean sail boat charter. Sail the British Virgin Islands or the US Virgin Islands, discover the unspoiled Spanish Virgin Islands or experience the flair of the Leeward Islands or the Windward Islands. The Tobago Cays in the Grenadines are also one of the most favorite destinations of every Caribbean visitor. You may also visit the Bahamas out of Florida on motor yachts.

Your private crewed charter yacht will be your sanctuary offering you ┬áhe opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Dance under the stars on a beach after enjoying a fabulous dinner created by your personal chef, exactly to your preferences. Sounds like a millionaires vacation? We will give you all the personal attention it takes to make this dream a reality for you. Be the VIP passenger instead of Mr. and Mrs. Nobody from cabin #389. Go for a Caribbean yacht charter, tailored exactly to your personal needs! Yacht charter is perceived to be prohibitively expensive and exclusive to ‘jet-setters’ and the ‘super-rich’. On the contrary, crewed luxury yacht charters are now available in most parts of the world and on some smaller more intimate boats for a modest price.

The Caribbean Sea is a large stretch of water that is part of the Atlantic Ocean between the island chain of the Caribbean and the coasts of Central and South America and one of the best areas in the world for sail boat charters.

The Caribbean Sea gets its name from the original inhabitants of the islands known as the Carib People. These indigenous Indians inhabited the region at the time of arrival of the first Spanish explorers. The Caribbean Sea is one of the world’s most colorful and marine-rich bodies of water. It is also one of the world’s greatest crossroads for ocean shipping. The main ocean current in the Caribbean Sea is an extension of the North Equatorial and South Equatorial currents, which enter the sea at the southeastern extremity and flow in a generally northwestern direction.

The Caribbean Sea covers an area of about 1,020,000 square miles or 2,640,000 square kilometers. With a few exceptions, the Caribbean Sea is more than 6,000 feet deep with many sections exceeding 12,000 feet in depth. Its greatest known depth is between 24,720 feet (7535 meters) and 25, 216 feet (7686 meters) in the Cayman Trench located between Cuba and Jamaica. It is divided into five basins; Yucatan, Cayman, Colombian, Venezuelan and Grenadian basins, separated from each other by submerged ridges.

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Passport Requirements for Caribbean Yacht Charters: U.S. citizens will no longer be able to cruise through the Caribbean and then re-enter the United States with only a driver’s license or voter’s registration card as identification. A passport will be required. The office of Homeland Security initiated this new policy due to heightened concerns that terrorists could smuggle equipment or operatives into the United States from neighboring countries. This doesn’t apply if you’re only making stops in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These islands fly the U.S. flag, thus no passport is needed. However, if you cruise over to the British Virgin Islands or down to Saint Maarten, for example, U.S. immigration officials will insist on seeing a passport before they’ll let you back in the country.
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