Crewed Yacht Vacations in Turkey

Today’s Turkey combines simplicity and sophistication. Although Turkey is still less expensive than most Mediterranean destinations, few others possess such a wealth of culture, history and intrigue. Enjoy delicious, exotic cuisine, meet the friendly locals and uncover hidden treasures in an Aladdin’s cave of bazaars where you can haggle for silver trinkets, spices and ‘kilim’ rugs. Sunshine on moderate seas and constant winds virtually guarantee great sailing. Discover towns barely touched by tourism and beautiful bays still only accessible by yacht, where fresh mountain rivers run down through deep, green forests to the sea.

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This page will tell you just about everything you could want to know about life on board in Turkey. 

ARRIVAL: Transfers to and from the airport can be arranged with a 15 days notice prior to charter. If you prefer to arrange your own transfers we can provide directions to the harbour and boat.

BOATS: All Gullets are alike on the outside, but the fitting up on upper and lower decks can be very different. On the front deck, there are sun beds, in the middle there is a steering cabin and on the back there is a table with comfortable seats. The front is covered with a removable tent and the back is covered with a fixed tent. Downstairs in the middle there are cabins (each for two people), the kitchen and the crews cabin.

CLOTHING: Swimming suits and comfortable clothing. You don’t need to fill your bags with stylish clothes, T-shirts can quickly be washed and dry quickly in the sun and the wind. During the summer it would be good to take a sweater with you for the evenings. In April, May, September and October it can be somewhat cooler, you had also better bring something in case of rain.

COMFORT ON BOARD: All simple comforts are available. In each cabin you will find a double bed, shower (hot/cold water), toilet, electrical outlets (12V – 24V – 220V), coolers, television (can be used only in marinas), radio/player, games and binoculars.

CREW: All Boats are hired with crew. The crew will consist of two or three people who are the captain, the sailor-cook and sometimes a deckhand. Passengers do not need any experience with handling the boat at all. Most of the crew speak English; some can speak French and German. Normally the crew will stay discretely in the background, but they are always available for a chat or sociable evening, glass of wine etc. Every need will be met and they will ensure that your cruise is as pleasurable as possible.

DEEP SEA DIVING: There are lots of areas where diving is prohibited, that’s why a guide is needed. We can arrange daily diving programs upon request. Snorkeling is a matter of interest.

DEPARTURE: Don’t forget to reconfirm your flight two days before departure.

DURATION: The minimum period of hire is one week. For people who are new to living on a boat, one week makes a good introduction.

EXCURSIONS: You can make excursions whenever and wherever you want, in agreement with the captain. The captain can arrange transport and will be able to provide information about the possibilities, distance, prices etc.

FISHING: On board simple fishing equipment can found (for amateurs). If you want to use more advanced equipment, you will have to bring your own or hire it. In the evenings the crew can lay a net. It’s always intriguing to see what has been caught in the morning.

FOOD: If you decide to book a full board cruise, all meals are included. This does not mean you can’t try a restaurant ashore when the boat is moored in a marina (not included in the price). Turkish cuisine is very good, all meals prepared on board are common Turkish dishes, the cook deserves full credit. There is no danger of diarrhea. The water, as well as the food can be trusted. Until now neither guests nor crew have had any problems.

INSECTS: There can be mosquitoes and bees. It is advised that you bring relevant repellants or medication.

JEWELS & VALUABLES: There is no need to bring these with you.

LANGUAGE: The Turkish language is very different from European languages. You don’t need to study it, most Turkish people in touristic areas can speak European languages. It’s always pleasant for the crew if you know a few words in Turkish:

Good morning: günaydýn
Good night: iyi geceler
Thank you: teþekkür ederim
Please: lütfen
Yes: evet
No: hayýr

LIVING IN HARMONY: Living together with a group of people in relatively small space, such as a boat, is not always easy. Respecting each other and having a social attitude, is very important.

LUGGAGE: Do not bring hard cover luggage with you. There is not a great deal of space in the cabins. There is a small wardrobe, a cupboard in the shower/toilet.

MARINAS: There are many small marinas along the coast: Antalya, Ka, Göcek, Fethiye, Datça. The most important ones are Bodrum and Marmaris. Most gulets start their trip from one of these cities. Along the route it is not always possible to moor in a village or town, the distances are often too large. It can be very pleasant to lay in a secluded bay.

MEANS OF PAYMENT: Turkish currency can be bought in your country, or at the airport when you arrive. However you will get the best exchange rate in change offices in town. Traveler’s checks can be exchanged easily.

MOORING AT NIGHT: Mooring in quiet bays or in a marina both have their advantages and disadvantages. Mooring in a bay means feeling at one with nature, without distractions. You can often take lovely walks on the shore. The night is dark and quiet. Mooring in a village or town gives other advantages; you can try the restaurants, do some shopping, etc. The disadvantages are that you can’t go swimming and it is often noisy.

PHOTOS AND FILMS: While never as beautiful as in reality, these are essential to preserve memories. Pay attention: the seawater can damage expensive cameras. Very useful: underwater cameras (disposable) to take pictures under water.

READING MATTER: It is always useful to have a book or a magazine to read. You’ll have lots of time to relax.

ROUTE: The moment you hire a boat, you can negotiate over the route taken. If you enjoy spectacular natural surroundings, the route Bodrum-Marmaris-Fethiye is best. From Fethiye to Antalya the habbitat is monotonous, dry and very hot during the summer. However you can find a lot of unexplored ruins in this area. The route taken will also depend on other bookings of the boat.

SAFETY: All precautions must be taken. The captain will never take a risk when the weather is not good. The captain takes the utmost care for his boat and that is why he may not agree to some (dangerous) wishes of his passengers. Sometimes the boat must sail out very early to avoid strong winds. The crew have experience with local weather conditions.

SAILING: The boats can sail if there is enough wind. The crew have experience with the coastline, sea and the wind in this area. You can ask to sail, the captain will make a decision based on the conditions at that time. Your safety must come first.

SEA SICKNESS: The boats do not sail in the open sea very often. The route will normally follow the coastline. The sea can be rough if there is a lot of wind so if you are prone to becoming sea sick, you should bring medication just in case.

SHOES: It is important to bring sports shoes or sandals with you. If you decide to take a swim to land, you will need some protection against sharp rocks and hedgehogs. No shoes are worn onboard, this is to avoid damaging the deck.

SHOPPING: In all marinas there will be some kind of market. The most interesting towns for shopping: Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya, Fethiye and Ka. You will find the same types of goods in all of these areas, generally: jewels, carpets, copper, onyx, leather and so on.

SLEEPING: Whether you lay in your cabin or on deck, the motion of the sea will gently rock you to sleep. On deck, it’s a wonderful experience to wake up with the sun.

SPORT FACILITIES: Swimming and snorkeling, surfing, fishing (simple fishing equipment on board) and sailing. On several beaches almost all water sports can be found and all equipment can be rented.

SUN SCREEN: It is very important to use products which protect you sufficiently against the sun, be very careful on the first few days. The combination of sun, wind, and seawater can be very dangerous.

SUN, SEA & SWIMMING: Are the most important ingredients of a Gulet cruise.

SWIMMING: Being able to swim is not necessary to take a cruise. But if you want to enjoy the snorkeling, surfing, water-skiing etc; it is best that you can.

TELECOMMUNICATION: There is a board radio on board for emergency use. The boats also have a mobile phone, so you can always reach someone or be reached (If you want to be).

TEMPERATURE: The Turkish coast has a very pleasant climate. You can cruise from April until the end of October. During the summer (from June to the end of September) it can get very hot. Living on boat has a big advantage. The heat is never so hard to bear as on land and there is always a pleasant breeze.

TIPS: It’s normal to give a tip to the crew once the trip has finished. It is the same for the drivers when you make a journey in a car. You should decide for yourself how much to give.

TOWELS AND LINEN: We will provide you with towels and linens.

WELCOME: The most important thing for our boats and their crew is that you feel welcome, relaxed and that you enjoy your holiday.

WORK ON BOARD: Passengers don’t have to do anything on board; the crew do it all. This does not mean that you can not help cooking, sailing… when YOU want to.

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