Catamaran Charters

catamaran-at-saba-rockCaribbean crewed catamaran charters will get you to a new tropical island every day and you may take a walk on a white sandy beach, away from cruise ship crowds and hotel guests, a vacation experience of a lifetime.

Escape into a private Caribbean crewed catamaran sailing charter, the best way to relax and enjoy the shining sun and crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Once you sink your toes into the beautiful warm white sandy beaches, you’ll want to explore the culture and discover paradise.

Catamarans are the ultimate way to explore the Caribbean islands in a tropical sailing paradise. For the first time in modern history, this stability has won the hearts of woman and children. The warm home comfort, stability and spaciousness is exactly what women want when they are on vacation.

Your crewed catamaran offers you all the conveniences of a resort. However, unlike a resort, it will sail daily to a new destinations and exotic Caribbean islands for your explorations. The glistening emerald waters, gentle trade winds, sailing to exotic islands, the tranquility of life are all awaiting you. Come relax and enjoy the island jewels of the Virgin Islands aboard your very own private crewed catamaran. Imagine sailing to a sandy palm studded beach or exploring the amazing underworld of the coral reefs and exotic fish. Some of the world’s best snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and kayaking sites can be found here in the Caribbean paradise.

Catamaran sailing charters offer you variety and flexibility in choosing activities tailored to your special interest. For example rendezvous scuba diving or fishing expeditions can be arranged while others in your party may prefer sailing, snorkeling, kayaking or going ashore for island exploring or even a day at the spa.

Whatever your pleasure, the crew will provide you with the best the Caribbean has to offer and leave you with an experience like no other.

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